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//an internet art show
//exploring the aesthetic, expressive, cultural, social, and political possibilities of the internet
//through this online gallery
//and an IRL show at the San Francisco Art Institute (May, 2013)
//show photos
//featuring the work of 15 young artists
//in Nick Lally’s Internet Tools and Concepts class

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Ryan Abraham

In deep fry, Abraham explores internet art tropes and their relationship to mainstream art discourses. He questions why some art movements online are ignored and/or discredited why others are celebrated and how they position themselves in relation to art historical discourses. Through a hack, he brings internet-inspired imagery into the real world with the hopes of sparking debate.

other work:
google with Madison Voelkel
pizza with Kaela Smith and Madison Voelkel

Jonathan Asega

Asega’s vinyl is inspired by the effects of the internet and software on underground hip hop culture. In a series of prints and performances, he explores changing modes of production, distribution, and consumption of hip hop brought on by the rise of the internet, prosumer electronics, and pirated software.

other work:
scatter with Jason Rasmussen and Robert Falco [website]

Aaron Cabral

In Cabral’s eMed, the artist creates a satirical portrait of online spirituality, internet scams, and internet aesthetics.

other work:

Zhijie Chang

Chang’s work melds her photography practice with online mapping software, creating a new spatial understanding of imagery.

other work:
homer with Kaichen Lin and Yuki Cong
your eyes

Yuki Cong

Cong’s piece looks at online art that also serves practical purposes.

other work:
homer with Kaichen Lin and Zhijie Chang

Robert Falco

Falco’s sculptural installation candle employs a never-ending gif juxtaposed with a physical object from which the gif was derived. The two pieces play off of each other and point to our mediated understanding of materiality in the age of the internet.

other work:
scatter with Jonathan Asega and Jason Rasmussen

Nino Galluzzo

Culling images from the never-ending stream of information online, Galluzzo constructs virtual spaces to house his finds. Wrenched from their original contexts, the images demand a new attention from the viewer as they are no longer subjected to the unrelenting flow of information that typifies online browsing.
untitled project space

other work:

Rory Greiling

In his sculpture lounger, Greiling embraces the practice of surfing, taking on the role of the “eternal internet chiller”. His work employs the metaphors of the internet surfer and points to the pleasure and escapism promised by an internet connection.

other work:

Garrett Higa

Higa takes on the role of the internet troll as he presents a game, Dark Books I: GAAL, that doesn’t work as expected. The work references early internet gaming, interactive fiction, and the ubiquity of online trolls.

other work:

Kaichen Lin

In her video Symphony of San Francisco, Lin appropriates videos from online and melds them with recorded sounds from around the city. The work points to the creative possibilities of remixing user-generated content.

other work:
homer with Yuki Cong and Zhijie Chang

Thomas Maury

In his online film desire, Maury creates a generative narrative space by soliciting short videos shot on mobile phones. Participants were asked to shoot a succinct interpretation of desire in their everyday lives. The results show a diverse and fragmented film that demands exploration by the viewer.

other work:

Jason Rasmussen

In skeuomorphic wall cloud, Rasmussen projects a rotating point cloud of a wall onto itself. The work explores the the representation of the real in online and code works by showing a direct mediation of the two.

other work:
smile [use firefox]
scatter with Jonathan Asega and Robert Falco
click here

Martin Shalim

Shalim’s work makes connections between a story of a near death experience and the internet.

Kaela Smith

other work:
pizza with Madison Voelkel and Ryan Abraham

Madison Voelkel

In a series of prints, Voelkel explores the concealment of information and the circulation of illicit imagery online.

other work:
google with Ryan Abraham
pizza with Kaela Smith and Ryan Abraham


Thanks to Caitlin Denny, Ceci Moss, LaTurbo Avedon, and Jeremy Hobbs for visiting us and sharing their amazing work.

The online gallery was made in CopperCube using a demo example.

And thanks to the artists for being engaged, critical maker/thinkers and making great work.